Switching On The iPhone X

When I first turned on the iPhone X I thought that it would be this revolutionary product that the tech gods had hand crafted and delivered to my finger tips.  Instead my first reactions were “ok that’s a little different”, but that’s where that thought pattern ended.  After I got to see the steel casing and the shine of the back with a couple of updates later, I see how subtly this phone makes life easier.

To preface this, I did have a Galaxy S8+ before this with a Gear S3 to compliment it.  However, I would enjoy that combination for some time.  Well until I got tired of Samsung’s garbage software that is.  Fluidity is something I’ve come to love.  Samsung is on the right track but still lacks the vertical integration that Apple does.  If only they’d get their processors into every phone they make instead of giving Qualcom a ton of money while writing code for their chips when they won’t even update drivers for phones that are more than a year old.

Not to bash Samsung completely, but if they went to stock Android while using all of their own hardware then I believe they could create the ultimate Android phone.  Anyways, lets get back to why we’re here.  The iPhone X gives us a culmination of what Apple has been working towards.  Simply put its a phone that stays out of your way.  Which has been very refreshing compared to what I’ve been used to for so many years.  The screen is big enough, while the lack of bezels make it very easy to hold.  While the weight is one of the downsides of the phone, but its not that uncomfortable.


Lets not forget the lack of a physical home button.  If you’re very used to an iPhone it will take you a couple days to get the hang of the swiping gestures.  For me it only took about a day since I was used to the swipe gestures I created in Nova Launcher on my S8+.  It is a little difficult to get to notifications with it being on the top left side.  As well as getting to the control center from the top right hand side.  What you can do is turn on reachability and make it a double swipe down that really only works fifty percent of the time.  Hopefully we’ll see it evolve into something better.  I personally like the swipe from the bottom on my iPad Pro for multitasking and control center.  But I’m never completely satisfied with any phone I buy anyways.

With an ecosystem that is hard to rival, my Apple TV and iPad Pro made me see the difference and switch everything I own over to Apple.  I went from having those two products to an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and a MacBook Pro.  After going all in I learned how well these items play together.  Something that works on all the Android devices I had, but certainly not as well.  So what made a fanboy switch completely over to the “dark side” that everyone seems to call it?  Easy, the software and hardware is just that good.  It may not be the newest, industry leading technology but it works and works very well.  Saving me headaches on a daily basis is worth the price of admission.

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