Why Headphone Jacks Don’t Matter Anymore

I may get a ton of criticism from this since it’s such a polarizing topic.  However, I will explain why having aheadphone jack doesn’t matter to me.  Slowly but surely my life has removed the need for a dedicated jack.  Bluetooth is getting to the point that its just about in every device that you come across, so the need for me is waning.  

It all started with Motorola removing it on the Moto Z Droid edition (Verizon Model).  With them being the first, the world just kind of sighed and said I’ll buy Samsung, HTC, or LG then.  Then Apple did it with their iPhone 7 and plus models, and the world screamed back in discontent.  I laughed a little when I opened the iPhone packaging and found an adapter as well as a set of earbuds that plug into the charging port.  Apple had given the customer everything they needed in the box.  Now, I know its not the same but you have to understand that not having that port on the device makes the phone cleaner as well as makes it easier to resist water.  Aside from making the phone lighter and adding stereo speakers, it seemed like a trade off that most were not willing to live without.  For some reason the plus model always gets what the regular does not.  Including better battery life, screen, and camera.  I know its not in everyone’s best interest to buy a plus model since it is a large phone.  When you think about the fact that everyone that doesn’t have a plus is chained to a charger at least once a day really paints a picture of why you would need the headphone jack.  Is apple actually going to fix this problem with their upcoming phones?  Probably not, just go ahead and buy the iPhone 8 or the 7S+ and save yourself the headache.

When I owned a iPhone 7+ and had a vehicle that only had an AUX input it was a little disconcerting the first time I needed to play something over my speakers.  So I just decided to leave the adapter on my AUX cable.  While owning a set of bluetooth earbuds that I had bought for working out I just decided that I would use them all the time for listening to music or use the included ones in the box.  It’s not the perfect solution but when Apple removed the headphone jack at least they made the phone sound better.  But also the great thing is that each adapter as well as the earbuds have a signature that lets the iPhone know which device is what and know exactly where I had the volume at the last time I used it.  This sort of magic blew me away when I forgot that I had my volume turned all the way up for my AUX cable and a quarter of the way up for listening to earbuds.  That kind of small perk is not something that Android OEMs have decided to do at all.  If Google or some organization just set the standard, then it wouldn’t be an issue.  In the end Samsung provides a headphone jack, HTC ditched theirs and added a dongle, LG has one for the time being, while Essential just released their first phone ever which doesn’t have one.  No one wants to do the same thing that everyone else is doing unless its expected by consumers.  When the jack goes away from all of the expensive phones of the world, you’ll know that cheap phones will follow suit.  

So what am I getting at?  Maybe that wireless is the future, or that I really just don’t care since I’ll use whatever option is available.  At the moment, I have Bluetooth in my car which would be the main way I listen to music and podcasts.  I do use regular ear buds, but for the most part it doesn’t matter to me if they plug in where you charge the phone or a headphone jack.  Charging bluetooth earbuds is annoying, but I see the trade off as worth it since I don’t have the chance to rip my earbuds out of my ears while I’m mowing the lawn.

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